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Our team are excited to be attend the Waimumu Southern Field Days this year, we are offering free mini consults on site, Do you want to minimise your power bill? Go and visit the team for a mini consult.


Tell us what type of home you have, is it a Villa, Bungalow, Art Deco.......... our team will ask a couple of questions, leading to a free mini consult on the spot. Our qualified expert team can recommend the best solution to any heating or high power bill situation. If you want to know more about how you can reduce electricity on your farm our team can... read more

Big congratulations to Dave Tyagi and Michelle Collins for achieving level two of the Home Performance Advisor Course.

HPA certification ensures our advisor's service clients based on the core principles that, advice should be: independent, based on best practice and good science, personalised and in the best interests of the client. It ensures the highest level of competency and professional standards are met, and advice is delivered in an honest and ethical manner.

Southland residents can have confidence that when they engage with Awarua Synergy’s... read more

The Bluff Healthy Homes Project has celebrated 10 years of successfully ensuring the people of Bluff have protection against the cold winter climate, insulating more than half the homes in New Zealand’s southernmost town, as well as providing one-on-one home education packages to help people unlock the benefits of energy efficiency, eco-friendly heating, and sustainable living.


After a year of research and development, the Bluff Healthy Homes Project, run by Awarua Research and Development (a subsidiary of the Te Runaka o Awarua Charitable Trust) was launched in 2005... read more

Operating since 2008, the Southland Warms Home Trust is very proud to have achieved a great mile stone of installing insulation in over 5000 Southland homes. 


The Southland Warm Homes Trust (SWHT) was established in June 2008 by Electricity Invercargill Limited (EIL) and the Southland Electric Power Supply Consumer Trust (SEPSCT) to provide an umbrella to facilitate the project after Neil Boniface had called a meeting of key community groups in 2007.  At this meeting all agreed that something needed to be done Southland wide but there had been no Southland... read more

  1. Too Cloudy: Solar panels do not work in cold, cloudy places/states. UV light is all that’s needed and even the cloudiest of places have excelled. Germany, who ranks low in sunny days, is the solar energy capital of the world. In fact, when the solar panels are cold, they are able to better conduct electricity.
  2. Not Enough Sunshine Hours - Southland has more solar energy hours than Germany
  3. High Maintenance - Solar panels require constant maintenance. The panels rarely require maintenance or cleaning, plus the... read more

Our team have recently completed a 6 month Lean Management training programme with Venture Southland and specialist Clinton Yates.  The programme included 8 other local business, the course has helped our business identify areas where efficiency could be improved, have a clear understanding of our processes and eliminate waste.  Our team have implemented a management rollout plan with actions to implement over the next few months.

Businesses who have completed the programme have reported productivity improvements of 30 per cent on average, and one business reported a 60... read more

Borland Lodge Adventure and Education Trust are leading the way by investing in one of Southland’s largest Solar PV systems, the system will help reduce energy costs on site and provide a valuable education example for school students who visit the lodge.

Awarua Synergy is proud to have worked with Borland Lodge and Venture Southland on one of the largest solar installs in Southland.  Our team have installed a 24 kw solar photovoltaic system, this includes 3 arrays of 30 panels in each array with total of 90 panels.   

Borland Lodge Adventure and Education... read more

The government has announced it will be strengthening new residential tenancy laws, the government want to see every NZ rental property insulated within four years.

Housing Minister Nick Smith announced plans to strengthen residential tenancy laws, including requirements for landlords to provide smoke alarms and insulation, and to declare the standard of insulation on tenancy agreements.

Our team is very excited about the new announcement as we see plenty of tenants living in poor, cold, damp conditions and are reliant on the landlord to go ahead with insulation, this will... read more

When investing in ways to improve the heating and ventilation in your home, you want the most efficient and appropriate long-term solution, and that is where Awarua Synergy can help.  The team of assessors and sales representatives at Awarua Synergy are trained to look at the whole situation to identify what the priorities are and determine what the best fix is for any particular property, general manager Sumaria Beaton.

For example, a client may not need to install a heat pump if the issue with the home is actually a lack of insulation, she said.  `The assessors... read more

Our team are very excited to be accepted on a 6 month training programme with Venture Southland and specialist Clinton Yates called Lean Management.  The programme includes other local business, its aimed at getting businesses to identify areas where efficiency could be improved and implement management plans to action those changes.

Businesses who have completed the programme have reported productivity improvements of 30 per cent on average, and one business reported a 60 per cent productivity increase."  The lean initiative is a Japanese concept that aims to... read more


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