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Homes become easier to heat once they are airtight.  However, this improved airtightness means it is more important to ensure you have good ventilation to prevent air in your home becoming stale and damp.

  • Ventilation primes air in the home for heating
  • Reduces risk of respiratory illnesses
  • Odours from pets, cooking or cigarettes are easily removed
  • Reduces pollens lessening symptoms of hay fever
  • Triggers for asthma are vastly reduced
  • Fresh sets of air are expelled into each room several times per day
  • Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) particularly in new builds.  Fresh paint and solvents can release harmful VOC’s throughout the day and in turn can cause a myriad of health problems including headaches, nausea and irritation to eyes, nose and skin.

Once your insulation and heating is suitable the third and complimentary step is ventilation.  If you have problems with dampness caused by moisture within your home, ventilation will solve these issues.  Alternatively, if you have a current ventilation system and wish to upgrade to our new SolarPro Air Panel, out team of specialists can advise our range of products which will best suit your unique situation.  Below is a list of ventilation products and services we provide.



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