We’re proud to work in partnership with a number of organisations, associations and entities committed to improving lives and living conditions in Southland and Otago You can explore our partnerships here, and find out more about some of the great results our partner organisations are achieving for our community:

Southland Warm Homes Trust

Awarua Synergy is proud to delivery in partnership the Southland Warm Homes Trust project. The SWHT works in partnership with local funders and government to provide subsidies for insulation across the Deep South region.

The SWHT was formed in 2008 by the Southland Power Trust and Electricity Invercargill Limited. The SWHT, in association with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), offers support for warmer, healthier homes by providing insulation and heating assessments and retrofits for Southland homes. The Trustees of the Southland Warm Homes Trust are Neil Boniface (Chair), Jim Hargest, Anne Gover and Carl Findlater.

The SWHT current community funders are Electricity Invercargill Ltd, Southland Power Trust, The Power Company Ltd, PowerNet, The Invercargill City Council, Gore and Southland District Councils, Environment Southland, Community Trust of Southland, The Southern Trust, Guy Waddel Charitable Trust and NZ Oil and Gas. The Southland Times and Work and Income New Zealand have also provided indirect support for the project.

The SWHT acknowledge the support of both their present and past community funders, past funders include The Invercargill Licensing Trust and the ILT Foundation, Invercargill Te Ara a Kewa Health Trust, Southland Energy Efficiency Trust, Takitimu Health PHO Ltd, and Hokonui PHO. Their support has provided insulation and heating retrofits to over 6000 Southland and West Otago homes since 2008.

PowerNet provides administration and financial reporting services on behalf of the Southland Warm Homes Trust (SWHT).

Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority

Awarua Synergy are proud partners with the Southland Warm Homes Trust delivering the government EECA scheme. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) promotes energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of energy from renewable sources. EECA focuses on actions that will deliver the greatest net benefits to all of New Zealand.

Community Energy Network

Awarua Synergy is proud to be part of Community Energy Network a national network of community enterprises working together to create warm homes, strong communities and a healthy environment for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Southland Chamber of Commerce

Awarua Synergy are proud to be a member of the Southland Chamber of Commerce.

Site Safe

Awarua Synergy are proud to be Site Safe Members.

Ena Solar Accreditation

Our team have had Ena Solar accreditation.


Insulation Association of New Zealand

Awarua Synergy is proud to be the first in Southland to be certified installers with the Insulation Association of NZ.

Home Performance Advisor

Awarua Synergy is proud to be the first certified Home Performance Advisor in Southland.

Health & Safety

Our team have completed a number of health & safety training with Safety and Action.