Our Deep South Story

The Deep South is a challenging place to live, with resilient, pragmatic people to match the environment. In our region, cold weather and damp can severely impact the warmth and moisture in our homes, farms and businesses, which then impacts our health and comfort – and our power bills. What works for Aucklanders won’t work for us!

And that’s where Awarua Synergy comes in.

We’ve searched the world for the best eco-power and energy solutions for the tough environment of the Deep South, sourcing products and methods that fit the specific demands of this region. But it’s not just about the innovative, market leading products we use to boost your energy efficiency – it’s also about our expertise assessing your particular needs, and designing the solutions that will provide the most benefit to your buildings.

Warming and Eco-powering our Deep South

Proudly born in Southland, Awarua Synergy has searched the world for the best energy and eco-power solutions for the Deep South. Now, we are leading suppliers and installers of cost-effective, energy-efficient products for the homes, farms, and businesses of the region. We bring warmth, LED lighting and dry healthy air to the buildings in which the people of the Deep South live and work – and help give them power over their power bills!

Our Origins

Awarua Synergy was created out of the Bluff Healthy Homes project. The project worked to ensure the people of Bluff have protection against the cold winter climate, insulating more than half the homes in New Zealand’s southernmost town, as well as providing one-on-one home education packages to help people unlock the benefits of energy efficiency, more eco-friendly heating, and sustainable living. Bluff Healthy Homes was so successful that we were encouraged to offer some of its best products, services and ideas to the great people of Southland. And that’s how Awarua Synergy was born!

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