Awarua Synergy lends a helping hand to Southlanders in-need.

26 November 2020
Awarua Synergy lends a helping hand to Southlanders in-need.

From hot chocolate to warm socks, hot water bottles and blankets, our team at Awarua Synergy are helping keep Southlanders in-need warm and healthy all year round.

When we heard about a new food bank launching in Invercargill, it was a no-brainer to get on board and lend a helping hand.

With our goal to help create as many warm, dry, healthy homes as possible, we leapt at the chance to work with Ngā Kete Mātauranga Pounamu Charitable Trust on their latest initiative.

They’ve recently launched Pataka Oranga – a Māori-focused food bank created to supply vulnerable communities with the materials they need to achieve quality of life.

We’ve put together warm-up packs filled with plenty of treats and essentials like hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate thins, warm socks, hot water bottles and blankets to keep those in-need cosy.

Helping people stay warm is at the core of what we do, so we’re really supportive of the new food bank and wanted to make a contribution to the cause. 

Because food banks tend to be given a lot of the cupboard staples, we thought it would be nice to provide some sweet treats as a welcome addition for families.

We’ve also included some information on energy saving tips and things to avoid around the home to make sure people know how to keep their costs down. 

One of our biggest tips is to avoid drying washing inside your home.

Because damp air is harder to heat, you’ll have to keep your heating on for longer, and moisture inside homes leads to mould.

While the weather is slowly warming up, we’re still expecting some cold spells in Southland before summer so it always pays to be prepared.

Summer is also a great time to look into insulation and heating options in order to beat the winter rush.

We’ve been helping Southlanders since way back and have insulated more than 7000 homes in the region since 2004.

Whether you’re a family, business or farm – we’re here to help find the right energy solution for you and yours.

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