Good landlords understand how to attract and retain good tenants because untenanted properties – either residential or commercial – can very quickly become a financial problem. We work with all types of property investors to help ensure the buildings and homes they own and manage are as comfortable and livable as possible, as well as capitalising on energy-efficient solutions that reduce power costs.

The team at Awarua Synergy are the Deep South’s resident experts in improving the quality and sustainability of homes, buildings and investment properties. Whether you’re looking for heating or lighting solutions to reduce your power bills, we’ve got the best range to choose from.

Check out  information about insulation grants and financing options available for rental properties.  If you already have insulation and need a certificate, we can provide a national certificate check out healthy rentals.

Recommended Tips

  • Provide a clothes line outside, under a veranda or in a garage, this will encourage tenants to dry their clothes outside, if tenants dry their clothes inside this could add an additional 5 liters of moisture inside the property
  • Provide double latched windows to encourage ventilation
  • Install externally vented extractor fans in bathrooms, make sure they are the correct size its recommended automatic timers are added to ensure moisture is taken away from inside the property
  • Ensure you have correct sized heating installed, this will reduce the heating maintenance costs
  • If tenants use a dryer ensure this is vented externally

Add value to your investment property – call your expert team at Awarua Synergy on 0800 WARM SOUTH for a FREE, unconditional home energy health check!