15 October 2021

Awarua Synergy Host Internationally-renowned speakers Matt & Sarah Brown

Awarua Synergy had the privilege of hosting Matt and Sarah Brown who together, co-founded the movement ‘She Is Not Your Rehab’ this week.  Monday they held talk at Te Rau Aroha Marae in Bluff

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07 July 2021

Putting An End To Condensation

Whether it’s your farm building, home or business, condensation can cause problems anywhere. But the good thing is, it’s totally avoidable. Condensation is caused when a cold surface comes into

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01 July 2021


The Awarua Synergy Team are hosting a Housie fundraiser for a team member’s son who is recovering after a heart transplant operation in June.Awarua Synergy team member Soul Riki’s son George

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30 June 2021

Harnessing The Wind’s Power

Southland is the ideal place to generate power from wind turbines because of its strong natural winds. Take White Hill near Mossburn for example, it was the first wind farm in the South Island and now

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25 June 2021

Bring on the Winter Warmer Donation Drive

You guessed it. It’s that time of year again and we’re chipping in to support those in need through these chilly Southland months.Everyone deserves to feel warmth this winter – that’s why

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23 June 2021

Beat The Winter Rush

We know, it’s a hard one to accept. But inevitably, Winter is here.

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16 June 2021

We’re Off To The Southland Home Show!

This time last year we attended the Southland Home Show after two false starts due to Covid-19 restrictions – it’s crazy to think how far we’ve come. While we know the virus is still very

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10 June 2021

Why People Are Switching To Solar

With the ever-increasing focus on protecting our environment, solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) technology has taken off around the globe. Not only is it clean, it’s the most abundant, renewable source

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