LED Lighting — The undisputed top choice

Our LED lighting products will lighten and brighten your farm buildings, home, commercial sites and community centres without overloading your power bill. LED technology has leapt forward in the last few years, meaning you can capitalise on light bulbs and lighting systems that provide much better light, reduce power usage, and last far longer.

How LED Lighting Works

LED lights last longer than halogen, CFL or incandescent lamps. This not only provides cost savings over time but also reduces the inconvenience of replacing lamps. This means lower electric bills and less power used, reducing the impact on the environment.  Fixed light fixtures are sealed which prevents airflow from the room to the roof space. Because LED fixtures have low operating temperatures, ceiling insulation can be fitted closer to the light fixture without risk of fire which reduces how much warm air is lost from the room into the roof space through the light fixture.  Not only will you save money on lighting by up to 80% you can also reduce heat loss with all ceiling spaces fully insulated.

LED technology is a quantitive white light source that can replace traditional light sources 1 for 1. The quality of LED light has improved and offers a stable white point source without compromising on light quality offering acceptable CRI values. There is no warm-up time associated with LED light and provides instant full light output.

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