Wind Turbines

06 February 2015

The huge advances in small generation Wind Turbine technology represent a real opportunity for the farms of the Deep South. Now, it’s totally viable to harness the wind’s power. With our consistent wind, wind power generation is a logical choice for farmers looking to become more self-sufficient and avoid ever-increasing power bills from the power companies.

The team at Awarua Synergy are experts in helping farmers find the right Wind turbine solutions to maximise the productivity off our Southerly winds, consistently generating the power you need off homesteads, cottages, sheds, barns and out-buildings. We’ve searched the world for the best Wind turbine products and solutions for the farms of the Deep South, and now we’re helping hundreds of farms in Southland and Otago capitalise on emergent technology that can potentially even pay for itself in just a few years – or even sooner.

For more information on the products we use check out our Wind Turbine Page

Join the farmers already benefiting from wind technology – Email us right now, or call us on 0800 WARM SOUTH today to arrange a free, no-obligation farm visit.

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