Case Study: Nena’s 4-bedroom Otatara Home

18 May 2019

How Awarua Synergy helped a Southland Family

When Nena bought her home in Otatara, she wasn’t thinking about insulation. Her family was told that there wasn’t any insulation in the ceiling, but all they could think about was having a place of their own.

But once winter fully set in, it was a different story.

We had to do something

At first, Nena simply turned on the heaters throughout the house. But with a large 4-bedroom home to heat, the place never seemed to warm up. That was something the family was willing to deal with… Until it started to affect the X-month old baby.

Nena has a baby monitor that flashes when the temperature drops below 14∞C. With the chilling winter winds battering the uninsulated house, the monitor flashed for days on end, even with all of the panel heaters on max. “It flashed at us all night.” Nena said. “The temperature in her room was only 6 degrees. We had to do something.”

Polite and helpful

After researching the issue, they decided that installing some insulation would be the best option. They called a few companies for an inspection and quote, and several of them were pushy, rude, and insistent. Nena didn’t want to work with someone like that.

Then she called Awarua Synergy and it was like a breath of fresh air. “They were very polite and helpful.” She said, noting how the assessor told them the benefits and let them make their own decision without any pressure. They made an appointment for ceiling insulation shortly after.

The actual installation process went smoothly and was much quicker than Nena expected. “They started around the time I went to work and they were done by lunch.” She said, surprised the crew was so efficient. Her family remarked that they were polite and friendly, and even tossed in a few jokes to lighten the mood.

Not a penny more

One thing that Nena was most pleased about was how the quotes and pricing was done. The upfront quote for her home was approximately $3500, which included materials and labour for her large 4-bedroom home with two lounge suites and dining rooms.

As Nena had experienced working with companies where the quote is a lowball estimate, she was shocked to find out how much Awarua Synergy charged. “It was exactly the same as the quote. Not a penny more.”

Wish I’d done it earlier

As pleasant as Nena’s experience was with Awarua Synergy, she wasn’t about to take any chances when it came to the health of her daughter. After the insulation was installed, she hired an independent inspector to do a quality inspection. They found the work to be flawless.

And Nena noticed that firsthand shortly after. The same night the insulation was put in, she noticed the baby monitor wasn’t flashing. And it hasn’t since. A temperature check showed that the room stayed at 16 degrees. A temperature that is cool, but not risky for the baby.  Nena was ecstatic and very pleased with the results. “It made a huge difference. I wish I’d done it earlier.” She said, adding that winter would have been much easier to endure if she had installation put in sooner.

When asked if she would use Awarua Synergy again, she said “Absolutely. They did a great job.”

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