Sir Tim Shadbolt

Very polite helpful friendly guys worked well as a team well done!

Thank you all so much I am delighted with the job done and the lovely people from Awarua.

Paul Van Der Linde

Nice friendly team, has made such a difference to our house.

Shirley-Ann Simpson

They came and got stuck in right away not mucking about, very proficient and quick I was very pleased.

Peter Murdoch

Excellent service, workmanship and friendly, clean and helpful information.

Thank you very much!!!

Highly recommend to others

Lynette and Mike Chapman

Can’t say enough about what a great job that’s been done, from the first phone call to the last audit, everyone has been so professional friendly and efficient, not to mention how warm our house is now


Sally MacRae

The team at Awarua Synergy were amazing right from the start when I rung the receptionist to the final check.  The guys who put the insulation in were kind, polite and explained everything, they were also great with my kids!

Since having our home insulated it has been way warmer only needing the fire on low.  This year we might have a hospital free year.

Rebekah Bootsma

We decided to insulate our home mainly for our daughter’s health but also for our home to be warm during the winter. We think in the end this will save the government money as our daughter was ending up in hospital almost every 2nd week (admitted for a week) So with our home being insulated it will be a warmer environment for her and her visits to the hospital will be less frequent. So thank you to the government and Awarua Synergy

Michelle Shaw

My husband and I own a 1920’s villa that has been extensively renovated. The house is open plan with varnished floors and carpets. There is a huge space in the ceiling and all walls have been gibbed. We had minimum insulation before applying to Bluff Healthy Homes. To heat the house prior to the insulation we used a Yunca Wedg wood burner, gas heaters x 2, oil heaters x 2 in the bedrooms and a night store heater in the hallway. The average temperature was 10-12 degrees and single digits before the fire was lit and heaters turned on.

We are now into our second winter and the benefits have been astounding. Our heating bill has decreased by approx 30%, we no longer use oil or gas heaters and the wood consumption has reduced by approx 40%. In spite of installing a heat pump which heats the bedrooms, hallway and living area the electricity costs are very reasonable. The temperature is now 14 – 16 degrees before the heat pump is activated and the fire lit, reaching and maintaining 19 – 24 degrees. The most amazing aspect of the insulation is the lack of draft especially at floor level.

Two of my sons who live in Invercargill have had their homes insulated, also through Bluff Healthy Homes. The difference to their houses was instant, draft free and warm.  One son in particular commented on his 3 daughter’s (aged 12 months to 7 years before the installation) constantly coughing and sniffling due to what he believed was the invariable cool temperature and dampness in the house. He installed a DVS system approx 3 months before applying to Bluff Healthy Homes. During this time their home was certainly not as warm as it is now and from my observations my mokopuna’s health has improved significantly.

My husband and I were initially reluctant about the installation due to what we considered a high cost. We now however would not be without it, the products have increased the value of our house and over time has saved us money by decreasing our heating costs.

Patricia Anne Young

Very polite helpful friendly guys worked well as a team well done!  Thank you all so much I am delighted with the job done and the lovely people from Awarua.

Grace Fully

Bright, polite, punctual, hard-working young men. We are grateful for the opportunity to have our home well insulated, good for my health.  From office workers, measuring lady, men working, to assessment person- all very pleasant and business-like.

Evelyn Bruder

The time taken to answer your call = 5 out of 5

Professionalism and courtesy = 5 out of 5

Quality of advice = 5 out of 5

The overall level of assistance provided = 5 out of 5


Very professional people. All my questions we answered. The installation team were very lovely and polite young men.

Judith Dempster

It was such a pleasure to have two very understanding gentlemen, doing such a neat and tidy job carried out in the most professional way. The warmth in our home now is fantastic, I would highly recommend to all.

Lyn O’Connor

On behalf of the Bluff community Medical trust I am writing to sincerely thank you for the installation, the Awarua Synergy installed at the medical centre. We are very grateful for the deduction in fees you provided for this. I am sure that during the colder months the centre will benefit from this.

Margaret Black

Thank you Awarua Synergy for sorting the hot water system in my home. My hot water is only a third of what it used to be, wish I had done it sooner.

Maira Boyle

Very polite and friendly team. Worked very well and with the time allowed superb service.  Followed up with an inspection and kept us well informed. (Highly recommend!)

Lorraine & Ken Mollory

I am taking the time to write and tell you what a wonderful project this is and how grateful we are that we took the opportunity to go ahead with the insulation of our home. We cannot get over how warm the is – we have a concrete block home with tile roof and wooden floor. The insulation is now maintaining the house temperature at around 16- 18* on a regular basis no matter what the temperature is outside. We do not have to keep out fire going all day and only a limited amount of time at night as it just gets too hot. We have been recommending this to all. Congratulations on a wonderful product/system.

Jill Warhust