We’re experts in helping rest homes provide the most comfortable, livable environments for their residents, at the same time as minimising power costs. Our great range of lighting, insulation, heating and power generation products capitalise on advances in technology and materials, giving our rest home clients direct access to the solutions that best fit the challenging climate of the Deep South.

Our specialists help Southland’s rest homeowners and managers explore energy-efficient ways to warm and brighten facilities, ensuring the health, happiness and wellbeing of residents is a priority. When you work with Awarua Synergy, we’ll help you create living spaces that are warm and comfortable, at the same time as finding ways to minimise costs and maximising energy efficiencies.

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Improve conditions for your residents, AND save money – chat to your expert team at Awarua Synergy on 0800 WARM SOUTH for a FREE, unconditional rest home energy health check!