The farmers of the Deep South carve a living out of some challenging country, with a climate to match. For a start, the winters are dark and often freezing – but your farmhouses and buildings don’t have to be! We’re experts in farm insulation and LED lighting, helping to brighten and warm your home and buildings, at the same time as reducing your power bill.

With Awarua Synergy’s range of insulation products and our expert installers, we’ve already helped warm large numbers of farmhouses, tenanted farm cottages and buildings across the region. Our team can help you explore your insulation options, including household names like Pink Batts. But, we find many Southland farmers prefer Terra Lana, a high-specification natural eco-insulation product that harnesses the exceptional qualities of sheep wool.

Our LED lighting products will lighten and brighten your farm buildings without overloading your power bill. LED technology has leapt forward in the last few years, meaning you can capitalise on light bulbs and lighting systems that provide much better light, reduce power usage, and last far longer.

Heat, lighten and brighten your farm buildings – email or call us today to arrange a free, no-obligation farm visit. Email us right now, or call us on 0800 WARM SOUTH today to arrange a free, no-obligation farm visit.

What Will it Cost?

Our team recommend replacing existing down lights with new and improved LED lighting, this will dramatically reduce electricity costs of lighting, they will prevent heat loss from the open areas created by down lights and the products we use are IC rated meaning ceiling insulation can cover the lights and not cause a fire risk. Pricing includes all product, full installation.


Small Area 1 - 2 Rooms

Medium Area 2 - 3 Rooms

Large Area 3 - 4 Rooms

First Class Packages

$599 to $659

$1,329 to $1,469

$2,699 to $3,299

Premium Packages

$349 to $469

$639 to $1,199

$1,566 to $2,299