In the Deep South, homes have a lot to cope with the cold, the wind and the water. Unfortunately, moisture will find its way into your home one way or another, often from the ‘rising damp’ beneath your house, which creates an uncomfortable unhealthy environment. As well as increasing your heating bills, this can easily – and quickly – do lasting damage to the inner infrastructure and surfaces of your home.

Awarua Synergy’s great insulation options and expert installation have already helped 6000 Deep South homes tackle the damp conditions we live in, ensuring homes have warm, dry air for comfort and healthy living.  We’ve also got a range of great products to help you get power over your power bill, and energise your place for the future. Whatever your budget, whatever the size and shape of your home, we’ve got the right products and solutions to make sure the air you breathe in your home is dry and healthy.

Your easy path to better breathing at home – chat to our expert team at Awarua Synergy on 0800 WARM SOUTH to arrange your FREE, unconditional home energy health check!

A happy toddler enjoying the benefits of a dry home due to insulation