Subsidies are available for many Kiwis

Experts agree that having a warm home provides many health benefits. The NZ government has heard and responded to this rationale by providing several grants to qualifying households, including the possibility of a subsidised heat pump.

While insulation is the best way to keep heat inside the home, you need a good, efficient source of heat to begin with. Fortunately, modern-day heat pumps are excellent because they combine heating and cooling into a single unit. The heat pump subsidy will cover at least two-thirds of the heat pump and installation, up to $2500. As a grant, this money does not have to be paid back.

Who is eligible for the subsidy?

Any homeowner who has a Community Services Card is automatically eligible. If the homeowner doesn’t have one, they may still be eligible depending on where they live. Certain parts of Southland may still qualify. To find out if your home is eligible, simply ring 0800 WARM SOUTH and we’ll let you know if your home qualifies.

What if I already got the insulation grant? Can I still get a subsidised heat pump?

Even if you already have received subsidised insulation, you can still apply for the grant for a heat pump. As long as you still meet the eligibility guidelines, you can still apply for and receive a subsidised heat pump.

Do I need insulation to get the Heat Pump Subsidy

Yes; in most cases. As insulation is the most effective climate control option, installing insulation is the priority for the grant programme. However, in rare cases, putting in insulation may not be possible due to the home structure or parts of the property being inaccessible, or if there is no space in the ceiling or under the floor.

If your property is one of these, you can still get the heat pump subsidy if you are eligible. However, this requires more than simply stating that insulation cannot be put in due to inaccessibility; the decision must be made by a company licensed for installing insulation. Awarua Synergy is one of these companies.

What kind of heat pump will I get?

Warmer Kiwi Homes has a list of approved heat pump models that the grant covers. An appropriate heat pump for the layout and size of the property will be selected from that list and then installed.

Act now while the grant is still in effect! To get a free, no-obligation quote, call or contact Awarua Synergy today.