Winters in the Deep South are cold, but your home doesn’t have to be! The team at Awarua Synergy are experts in warming homes, helping you escape the chill factor and live in comfort. It’s not just about generating and preserving warmth – it’s also about keeping the cold out and getting power over your power bill with smart energy-efficient products. We’ve searched the world for the best products for the Southland and Otago’s tough environment – innovative solutions that maximise energy efficiency and reduce power consumption.

With our great range of insulation products and expert installers, we’ve already helped bring warmth and comfort to more than 6000 homes of all shapes and sizes – in towns, and on farms. Our insulation team can help you explore your options with a range of products, including household names like Glass Batts, as well as high-specification natural eco-insulation products like Terra Lana. Whatever the size of your home, whatever your budget, we can help you find the insulation solution that matches your specific needs.

Beat the chill factor – chat to the expert team at Awarua Synergy today on 0800 WARM SOUTH for your FREE, unconditional home energy health check!