We’re experts in helping ensure business spaces are healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient – bringing warmth and light to your office. We’ll help you create office spaces that are warm, welcoming and comfortable for your staff, and the clients and suppliers that come to visit you.

The Awarua Synergy team are experts in insulation, heating, lighting and saving power – we’ll work with you to understand what you need for your office, and present you with a range of smart energy solutions that will energise your place for the future. We’ll help you explore your options, drawing on years of experience getting the best out of office spaces, and together we’ll create a business environment that supports happy, healthy working.

Whether you’re looking to brighten your office space, provide consistent warmth across your rooms, or just save on your power bill, we’ve got the range of products and materials to help your business and your buildings.

Time to brighten and warm your office space – and save power! Call your expert team at Awarua Synergy on 0800 WARM SOUTH for a FREE, unconditional assessment of your offices and the options available to you.