The public amenities – libraries, community centres and venues – of the Deep South face a forbidding winter climate and ever-increasing power bills. With Awarua Synergy’s broad range of product options and energy solutions, managers of public spaces have the opportunity to brighten, warm and dry their buildings, ensuring the comfort of their visitors, staff and patrons.

Our team of insulation, heating, lighting and power-saving experts will work with you to explore the various energy efficiency options available to you, drawing on years of experience making buildings as welcoming and comfortable as possible. We always focus on what’s best for the people who use the space, but we’ll also make sure you’re capitalising on great emergent technology and solutions that will give you power over your power bill – and make your space more environmentally friendly and sustainable for the future.

Unloading insulation at the Bluff Medical Centre public building

Make your public space warmer and brighter – and save power! Call your expert team at Awarua ​Synergy on 0800 WARM SOUTH for a FREE, unconditional assessment of your public space.