How To Maintain A Healthy Shed

10 May 2021

From industrial workshops to home studios, games rooms and farm sheds, whatever we use it for, Southlanders love a good shed. 

However, they can also be major hothouses in summer and freezing cold in the winter. Because of the extreme shift in temperature, it can cause a lot of damage – whether it’s your tools, boat, computer, art supplies or treasured items. 

While most of us spend more time in our home than we do in our shed, it’s important to make sure you’ve got adequate insulation and ventilation in there too. 


There are several ways you can go about insulating a shed. When deciding on the type of insulation needed, you should always remember that there are a few separate areas you need to improve: the walls, the floor, windows, and doors. 

Underfloor and wall insulation are one of the best methods for achieving temperature control all year round, especially during those colder months. Gaps are the ideal passage for air to slip through, so sealing windows and doors are a must. If you apply a hardening foam filler along the edges and gaps, this can be the simplest and most effective solution for stopping runaway air.


Getting enough air flow in your shed prevents things from overheating or producing toxic fumes, this is vital for your health and the lifespan of what you’re storing. Not only is heat uncomfortable when you’re in your shed, it can also cause mold to grow and things to rust. 

To keep the air fresh and consistently flowing, consider keeping the door open on days where the weather is fine. Alternatively, look into installing a screened vent in your roof, a wind driven roof ventilator to help remove moisture, or a turtle vent, also known as an exhaust vent, which is also a great way of generating healthy air flow.


Some of these options are more cost-effective but offer less insulation and protection, so we recommend seeking advice from our skilled, friendly team at Awarua Synergy to find the best option for you. For more information or to get a free, no obligation quote – call 0800 WARM SOUTH.

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